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Single Work Harness
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Available in Leather, Bio Plastic and Granite

* Single harness includes: Bridle, cart lines, cart attachment, breast pole combination and line carriers.

Our work harness is designed to do exactly what its called....WORK! For driving single, it includes bridle with side checks, snaffle bit, lines and crupper. We use no rust hardware with most being stainless steel. Our 2 strap britchen design makes adjusting very easy. All work harnesses have been designed for driving single if you desire. Don't be afraid to use this harness for work or have us put spots on it for parade use. Don't forget to check out our harness parts section. All leather harnesses are made in our shop by our Amish employees. We are one of the only shops left that can say that we use USA cattle hides, tanned in the USA and then made into harnesses IN THE USA! This is something that our staff is very proud of. All of our harnesses are made to use and come with leather lines. So don't be surprised when you put our harness on your horse and it actually fits them correctly and is strong enough for practically any job you have. Some maintenance is required of all harnesses, so make sure you check out the Harness Care Products.

Bio-Plastic or Granite harness comes complete with bridle with side checks, snaffle bite, single beta lines, single shaft loop combination, complete breast/pole/combination. We use a 2 strap bitchen. The hardware used is a no rust with most of it being stainless steel. Remember to order holdbacks if needed. Make sure you check out our harness pads and hardware section. High Gloss Bio Plastic is best described in Lehman terms as plastic coated nylon. This process helps to preserve the nylon and also eliminates some harness maintenance and Granite harness is rubber coated like the bio-plastic but has a dull finish (looks like leather). As for the strength, most test have shown that Bio Plastic or Granite is 20%-30% stronger than leather. As with most all of our harnesses, we still like to use some leather in heavy wear points to benefit the horse. All lines with the Bio Plastic harness or Granite harness are made of Beta material which is a flexible rubber coated over nylon for a leather like feel.
Base Price $798.00
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